BLOG: Jan Marie and the Mean Reds "C is for Cookie"

Last Spring we had the pleasure of working with Jan Marie and the Mean Reds for their debut music video "C is for Cookie".

MUAH: Rachel Rietta

Though her induction into the blues and jazz world has been relatively recent, Jan Marie has already made a name for herself as a regular crowd-seducing chanteuse. She toured the East Coast in 2009 as a guest vocalist for Josh Fialkoff‘s J-Street band, then landed a regular guest vocalist spot in Shawn Hershey‘s Hot Sextet in late 2010. Only in January 2013, did Jan Marie finally start her own outfit, Jan Marie & The Mean Reds, who almost immediately after their inception landed spreads in both The Boston Globe and The Boston Phoenix.

The Mean Reds is a 5-piece band playing a variety of vintage and “new vintage” music, including swing, blues, jazz, gospel, r&b, and soul. Comprised of highly skilled long-time jazz/blues musicians, and led by powerhouse front woman Jan Marie on lead vocals, The Mean Reds mix genres with plentiful ease, coaxing even the most left-footed of folks to take the dance floor.

The Mean Reds sound is unique. Combining growling trumpet, upright bass, drums/washboard, piano and sometimes even Hammond B3 organ with Jan Marie’s black coffee voice makes for a uniquely gritty yet saccharine tincture. Listen here or catch them at a live show.

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