Blog: Bunny, Bettie, and Receiving Art as a gift.

The other day I was in my studio and got a message from an old studio mate. He said he had a present for me. Immediately excited of what Vintage goodies was coming my way.  We walked up to the studio and he brought out contact /proofs sheets.  He had just acquired original Bunny Yeager contact sheets with possibly unpublished images of Bettie Page. He wanted to give me a strip of proofs because he know how much I was a fan of Bunny and Bettie work together 1954-55.

I love Bunny Yeager because as I was doing research on Pin-up photography I realized that I could do this at any age. When I started I ordered books from her website and we had a very nice professional correspondence. When my books arrived she had signed them all. I was hoping to to meet her one day but she had passed a few months before I traveled to Miami last year.

It had also been a long time since I had received art as a gift. I was so excited to get it. Every client that comes through the studio is giving a gift to themselves or another. I love the fact that my art is given and never realized the happiness that someone feels when receiving it.

Thank you my friend Mr. M.