We had the pleasure of working with The Dan Gabel Orchestra with their new show The Vaughn Monroe Show. We had recreated many iconic of Vaughn Monroe . 

Vaughn Wilton Monroe (October 7, 1911 – May 21, 1973) was an American baritone singertrumpeterbig band leader, actor, and businessman, most popular in the 1940s and 1950s. He has two stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame; for recording and radio

Singer Elise Roth

Singer Elise Roth

Band leader Dan Gabel

Band leader Dan Gabel

The Vaughn Monroe Show

The Vaughn Monroe Show

VM Show Poster - all dates fall 2017.jpg

BLOG: Hearthside House Museum 1904 World's Fair Event

August Blog.jpg

We had such a great time raising money for The Hearthside Museum during their 1904 World's Fair Event on July 23rd. Above are some of the great images taken with our 1930's Speed Graphic Camera and discontinued Polaroid film.  We also had a small demonstration on tintypes. 

Photo Aug 20, 7 41 14 PM.png

We also took some images of the going ons and fashion  the day.

BLOG: New Client Referral Promotion

We are reaching out to you because we have had the pleasure of working with you over the past eight years.  On behalf of all of us here at Vintage Girl Studios, We would like to thank you for being a truly wonderful client.  We all put our hearts and souls into each session and your positive reviews mean so much!  In fact so many of our recent clients have been referral by former clients, we have decided to create a referral program to reward you for spreading the love.

We are offering a complementary 8x10 photograph from your session for each referral we speak with by phone or in person for a session consult.  If your friend books a session you will receive a gift certificate for $100 towards another session at the studio. If three of your friends book individual sessions, you will receive a gift certificate for a free sapphire session.  Group sessions are not included in this promotion.

BLOG: Lady Project Guest Blogger and meeting Dita Von Teese

In 2013 I had joined the amazing networking women's group called the The Providence Lady Project.  I have met and connected with so many lovely ladies through this wonderful organization. Since then they grown to many chapters in different states. I was so thrilled to be a guest blogger this month.

Check out the Blog about achieving bucket list and meeting Dita Von Teese

BLOG: Our New Film Short "Il Seduta"

Earlier this month we had our annual day of sessions at Proctor Mansion. This year we invited some of cast member's from last Summer's film short "The Torte" for a Sequel. Making these film shorts stretches our creative legs in order to bring to our clients.

Who has been Haunting Lord Crane and his mistress Miss Honey?
They seek the Sight Madame Moodini.

Our Cast

Club Drosselmeyer ( An interactive Nutcracker in swingtime)

Last week was my last shoot for 2016. I had the pleasure of documenting Club Drosselmeyer.

It was a truly outstanding interactive theater experience produced by Green Door Labs. Club Oberon was transformed into 1939 nightclub. The audience had to interact with cast and solve puzzles to determine the ending of the performance.  It was wonderful to see that all 250 attendees participating down to their wardrobe.  It was truly an unforgettable evening.

Even though I mostly work in the studio I have photographed events for over 20 years. VGS is available for weddings, events, and performances.

Candid of Kellian Adams Mastermind of Green Door Labs as she get prepares for her character reporter Kit Hollingsworth

For more images guest and this evening check out our Facebook page.

Duane Bryer's Hilda inspired Session

About a year ago a client reached out to me looking to photographed as Duane Bryers beloved "Hilda"

Of course I knew exactly what she was talking about and although it took a year of scheduling it finally happened. I had been dreaming about this session for a long time.  "Hilda" was a Pin-Up Icon created by the late Duane Bryers that had graced Brown and Bigelow Calendars for over 36 years.  She was so confident being Hilda living life and having fun.

Although Hilda didn't look exactly like other Pin-Up illustrations of the day. She is still flirty, funny, gorgeous and sexy. She is what I would like to make my clients feel when they leave the studio. Feeling great, confident, and ready to go live life.  I'd say this is one of my favorite sessions and I feel a personal project arising in 2017. If you are interested in participating contact us.

More images of The oringinal Hilda.

More articles about Hilda.


Huffington Post

Messy Nessy



BLOG: Artist Keri King professional branding session.

I was beyond excited when one of my favorite Providence artist contacted me looking for professional imagery for her branding. We began this creative journey with a consultation. A consultation is such important step in thisprocess of a customized session. We were able to view images of inspiration, discuss wardrobe, and have a game plan of photographing her into her world..  

I highly recommend meeting for all my clients two to three weeks before their session.

We are so excited for Keri King first book Spectacles & Spectators!  

We are looking forward to Sunday, October 23rd at the Providence Public Library from 2-4pm in the 3rd Floor Meeting Room where she will have a multi-media reading.


Blog: New England Vintage Dance Week

Last month I had the pleasure of being invited by Moments in Time to New England Vintage Dance Week. I only could make two events because of the studio's schedule.   I had the great opportunity to attend the Jazz Age Ball at the Providence Biltmore and lunch at the Roger William Casino . The other events took place between the week of August 4- 11th and covered the area from North of Boston to Newport, RI.

Moment in Time is headquartered at Senexet House, a Victorian lakeside cottage and retreat center in Connecticut’s Quiet Corner, Moments in Time is a group of vintage dance enthusiasts dedicated to bringing the excitement of 19th and early 20th century social dance to central New England.

Moment in Time organizes balls, workshops, and dance weekends, as well as costume workshops, writers’ retreats, and other resources to help you get the most enjoyment from our delightful world of bygone days.

We had the most amazing time listening to the Talented Elise Roth singing with Dan Gable's High Society Orchestra.

BLOG: Jenny Lynn

Vintage Girl Studios had the pleasure of working with Jenny Lynn winner of Frank Maratta's Auto Show & Race A Rama Pin-Up contest. Sometimes when contest winner's comes into the studio for their prize session I always try something different and daring.  We had met Jenny Lynn at the 2015 WOW Contest. When we found out that she had won FM contest we were beyond excited. 

I had made arrangements with the North Central Airport so we could photograph on their property on a very very windy day. Miss Lola Doll did an amazing job with MUAH. I kept saying that it couldn't move. Before we left for the airport we made a video and had done some Hollywood Glamour.

BLOG: Jan Marie and the Mean Reds "C is for Cookie"

Last Spring we had the pleasure of working with Jan Marie and the Mean Reds for their debut music video "C is for Cookie".

MUAH: Rachel Rietta

Though her induction into the blues and jazz world has been relatively recent, Jan Marie has already made a name for herself as a regular crowd-seducing chanteuse. She toured the East Coast in 2009 as a guest vocalist for Josh Fialkoff‘s J-Street band, then landed a regular guest vocalist spot in Shawn Hershey‘s Hot Sextet in late 2010. Only in January 2013, did Jan Marie finally start her own outfit, Jan Marie & The Mean Reds, who almost immediately after their inception landed spreads in both The Boston Globe and The Boston Phoenix.

The Mean Reds is a 5-piece band playing a variety of vintage and “new vintage” music, including swing, blues, jazz, gospel, r&b, and soul. Comprised of highly skilled long-time jazz/blues musicians, and led by powerhouse front woman Jan Marie on lead vocals, The Mean Reds mix genres with plentiful ease, coaxing even the most left-footed of folks to take the dance floor.

The Mean Reds sound is unique. Combining growling trumpet, upright bass, drums/washboard, piano and sometimes even Hammond B3 organ with Jan Marie’s black coffee voice makes for a uniquely gritty yet saccharine tincture. Listen here or catch them at a live show.

For more information regarding bookings.